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Sculpey Bead Baking Rack

Sculpey Bead Baking Rack

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The Sculpey bead baking rack  is the perfect way to bake multiple beads at one time! It can be used with a bead roller which allows you to create 3 different types of bead shapes in a matter of seconds.

Simply make your beads with the bead roller, skewer them and bake!

It is recommend that you keep the bead on the skewer during baking. And only remove the bead from the pin after baking. This will minimise distortion in the bead shape. 

  • Beads bake evenly and perfectly shaped
  • No risk of flat bottom or distorted beads
  • Ideal for baking multiple beads at one time
  • Includes 12 skewers that are 5.7” L
  • Baking Rack made from aluminium
  • Skewers made from stainless steel