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Moiko Silk Screen 15.49 - Triangle Floral Beds

Moiko Silk Screen 15.49 - Triangle Floral Beds

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Silk screens are a mesh stencil which allows the transfer of inks and powders onto a surface. The silkscreen works by blocking certain parts of the stencil in blue, allowing the ink/powder to permeate the white area. 


  • Can be washed and reused many times!
  • A fun way to add an extra pop to your designs
  • Available in a large variety of contemporary and modern prints
  • Perfect for, but not limited to, use on polymer clay

Size: 74mm x 105mm (A7)

How to use:

  1. Place the silk screen onto the printing surface, with the shiny side down
  2. Place a line of paint along one edge. We recommend using Heavy Body Acrylic Paint. The high viscosity of this paint makes it suitable for screening.
  3. Spread the paint across the stencil with a squeegee or old credit card
  4. Lift one side of the silkscreen slowly to remove the silkscreen
  5. Clean the screen immediately after use by placing into a bath of cool water. Do not allow the paint to dry on the silkscreen.

Silkscreens can be used with paint on polymer clay before baking in the oven.