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Liquid Sculpey 59ml (2oz) - Gold

Liquid Sculpey 59ml (2oz) - Gold

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Liquid Sculpey is polymer clay in liquid form. It is very versatile and can be used in a variety of arts and craft projects. 

It can be used as an adhesive agent between polymer clay pieces, or between polymer clay and metals such as jewelry findings. It increases the between raw layers of clay, or even when adding raw layers to previously baked layers. Its adhesive qualities are activated after it is baked. 
When artist's oil paints are mixed with liquid Sculpey, it can be an enamel, a glaze, or a backfilling compound. When pigments or mica powders are mixed with liquid Sculpey, it can be a stipple, a metallic glaze, or a grout for polymer clay mosaics.

It's strong and flexible properties after baking makes it perfect for home decor, jewelry, scrapbooking and beyond. Its excellent levelling properties, allows it to be baked in sheets and poured into jewellery findings.

How to use

  • Twist cap for precise flow control – open completely to fill mold.  Open half way for other detail work.
  • Gently stir before using
  • To thin - add Sculpey clay softener until desired consistency is reached.
  • To thicken – pour into a cup and let sit out overnight 
  • Add items such as glitter, spices, dried flowers and metal pieces to add interest to your creations before baking! 
Liquid polymer clays do not give off toxic chemicals during the curing process. However, you may experience a slight odour and smoking which is non-hazardous. To minimise this, we suggest using an oven hood fan and if you are using moulds, only bake one at a time.