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Feather Texture Plate
Feather Texture Plate
Feather Texture Plate

Feather Texture Plate

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Use texture plates to create intricate and detailed patterns on polymer clay. These texture plates leave an embossed effect, where the resulting pattern is raised (instead of being indented).


  • Outer plate: 50mm x 50mm x 4.5mm
  • Inner image: 19mm(w) x 40mm(h)

How to use:

  • Place stamp with the engraved side facing up
  • Place clay on top the texture plate
  • Run a roller over the clay, applying even pressure between the clay and texture plate. Apply firmer pressure for a stronger embossed effect.
  • Dust cornflour onto clay to prevent sticking

Care Instructions:

  • Clean after use with warm soapy water or wet wipe
  • Do not place in dishwasher