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Cool Tools Texture Tiles - Body Wave
Cool Tools Texture Tiles - Body Wave

Cool Tools Texture Tiles - Body Wave

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Create the most eye catching details in your clay creation with these texture tiles.


  • Allows intricate patterns to be embossed or debossed onto clay
  • Tiles are flexible, washable allowing them to be reused over and over!
  • Can be used with any soft clay
  • Made in USA

Size: 5cm x 10cm (or 2" x 4") 

How to use:

  • Lay texture tile on top of clay, with the pattern facing down into the clay
  • Run a roller over the tile, applying firm pressure to transfer the pattern into the clay
  • Lightly dust cornflour on the clay to prevent it from sticking to the tile
  • To clean after use, wipe the tile with a cloth and warm soapy water

Note: these texture tiles are created in either a charcoal or cream color. The color you receive will be randomly selected. The color does not impact the how the tile is used.