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Leopard Print Resin Texture Roller

Leopard Print Resin Texture Roller

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Use these rollers to create stunning textures and patterns on clay and other soft mediums. 

These rollers are 3d printed from resin, allowing fine and crisp designs to be imprinted into your creations.

These rollers can be used on various types of clay, including polymer clay, precious metal clay, and porcelain clay, as well as other soft mediums such as fondant.

These rollers leave either a debossed or embossed pattern (as pictured).

How to use:

  • Roll your clay into a flat sheet
  • Place the roller on top, and apply firm constant pressure, rolling outwards. Note: it is easier to push the roller away from you, opposed to towards yourself.
  • To prevent the clay sticking to the roller, apply cornflour or water to the surface
  • The depth of the pattern can be controlled by the amount of pressure applied. The harder you press, the deeper the pattern!
  • The roller features a hollow centre. Insert a hand roller or any rod-like shape into the centre (optional) to provide more surface area to grip. For example, insert a pencil in the centre and hold the ends of the pencil to apply pressure downwards while rolling.


  • Length: 5cm
  • Diameter: 1cm

Care Instructions:

  • Clean after use with warm soapy water or wet wipe
  • If any clay is stuck in the roller, remove by gently brushing with a soft toothbrush